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This owner had specific requests for her “Zen” experience master suite. As the CEO of several businesses, at the end of the day, she wanted a peaceful and visually restful environment. Many furnishings were already in place. But the newly constructed group of six spaces that combined to create the master suite, was still chalk white and we were starting from scratch.

Her collection of fine art inspired the creation of the color scheme incorporating textures for interest but staying in a soft palette. Metallic finishes also were selected to blend hues of copper, burnished silver, and bronze. The “Zen” experience also led to adding elements of drama and romance.

Lighting was crucial to the success of this project and was used to create unexpected focal points such as the torchiers at the columned stairs to the sitting room and the pendants that illuminated the tray ceiling adorned in handmade paper with a pearl finish. Admittedly, grand master suites are wonderful to design, but even the most modest bedroom can be transformed with the use of just the right textiles, lighting, wall décor and furnishings.